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Robin Blagg
Robin Blagg
27 October 2023
Impeccable Service. The couch cleaning service exceeded my expectations. The team was punctual, professional, and thorough. My couch looks brand new, and the stains are completely gone. They came recommended from a friend and did a fantastic job cleaning my couches. I would recommend to anyone.
Ian Kerr
Ian Kerr
24 September 2023
I have to say that going on previous reviews I was a bit skeptical. But all in all the experience was a positive one. The tech showed up on time, was neat tidy friendly and polite. He didn’t use bait and switch sales tactics and I knew exactly what I was paying for. I opted for a “deep clean” which cost an extra $30 per seat. Not entirely economical which is why I only gave 4 stars but the difference is excellent. Some stubborn marks didn’t budge which I knew they wouldn’t, the couch is several years old and gets thrashed by young kids, but it now looks a heck of a lot better than it did. Would I recommend these guys in the future? Yes, you could do far worse!
Cobby Rymes
Cobby Rymes
10 February 2023
These guys were great…..Cobby turned up exactly on time, and Did a great job. Cheers.

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