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Upholstery Health Study

We Are The Trusted Professionals When It Comes To Bacteria And Allergens At Home

Upholstery is an important component of every household. We spend most of our day relaxing on couches, sofas,and chairs. But have you imagined how dirty upholstery gets over time? Upholstery can easily trap dust, bacteria, and allergens and pollute the air in the home. And this only keeps getting accumulated over time. Therefore, clean upholstery is necessary. Karls Couch Cleaning Brisbane has been providing professional upholstery cleaning services. We have done research on upholstery health studies. And now we have a great cleaning plan for every upholstery problem. You can contact us for more Upholstery Health Study details today. 

The Best Solution For People With Asthma: Upholstery Health Study

It is understood how cleaning upholstery directly affects the environment at home. Clean upholstery means the indoor air quality is at a top level. There are fewer chances of allergens. The only way to keep your upholstery in a good state is by calling professional help. It is recommended that upholstery must be cleaned once every 6 months. This must be followed by regular vacuuming as well. Hence, this way your upholstery stays neat and clean for a longer time.

Asthma is a common allergy. And indoor air quality greatly impacts asthma allergies. A person surrounded by bad-quality of air, and an increased number of allergens and bacteria has a high chance of asthma attacks. Thus, this focuses on how important it is to maintain healthy upholstery. And why everyone should invest in professional upholstery cleaning services. 

Our company excels when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Firstly, we use tested and proven techniques to clean the upholstery. For example, the HCE process also known as the Hot Carbonating Extraction method is a great way to keep allergens in check. We also do hot water extraction methods, sanitisation and pet allergen measures for better results. Therefore, you can trust our professionals when it comes to your upholstery. 

We Will Aid In Improving The Indoor Air Quality 

The cleanliness levels of your upholstery determine the indoor air quality. Also, indoor air quality solely affects your and your family’s health. It is scientifically proven that on average 200,000 bacteria are found in every inch of the upholstery. And these bacteria multiply and easily spread in the air surrounding you. Hence, our professionals not only clean the upholstery at your home. But indirectly also cleans the indoor air surrounding you. We will use sanitising properties in all our cleaning solutions. Hence, reducing the bacteria to a great extent. Furthermore, reducing the chances of frequent illness and dust around you. 

How Can You Contact Our Local Couch Cleaning Professionals?

Our company aims at helping our clients with better upholstery. There are a number of issues related to upholstery cleaning. And we will take care of them. Wondering how to contact us for all types of upholstery cleaning? You can call us on our toll-free number for more details. Thus, let us help you with achieving a healthy and allergy-free environment. 

Our List Of Services For A Healthy Environment Around You 

Our main focus is on improving the condition of the upholstery. Hence, trying to improve the overall condition of the environment. We provide all types of upholstery services near you. Hence, here is a list of services you can choose from – 

  • Upholstery cleaning services
  • Commercial area upholstery cleaning
  • Residential area upholstery cleaning 
  • Couch stain removal 
  • Pet odour removal services
  • Couch and sofa upholstery cleaning
  • Upholstery furniture cleaning 
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation of upholstery