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Sofa Cleaning Newstead

Professional Services For Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning In Newstead

Every house’s living room is one of the most occupied spaces. You spend hours on your precious sofa watching movies with kids, spending time with pets and more. Often, your pets or kids can damage your sofa and alter its appearance for the worse. Therefore, you can contact us at 07 4243 4179 and hire our services for sofa cleaning Newstead. Instead of indulging in worthless efforts, you can use the best upholstery cleaning services with our professional help. 

Sofa Cleaning Newstead

Significance Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

In due course, your upholstery begins to collect dust, lose its colour and acquire stains. Therefore, you can call our services for sofa cleaning Newstead to gain obtain the following benefits: 

  • Our professionals provide deep cleaning treatments that will help extend your sofa’s life span.
  • With the best innovative tools and cleaning solutions, our professionals will help clean your upholstery quickly. 
  • From removing stubborn stains, and bad odour, to moulds, our services will assist in making your sofa healthy and clean. 

Same Day & Emergency Sofa Cleaning Service

Your upholstery will appear bright and clean with the help of our same-day services for sofa and couch cleaning Newstead. We understand when you have an emergency, such as an unexpected occasion.

Therefore, for your convenience, we also offer cleaning services for your sofa. Our experts will quickly inspect your upholstery and deep clean your sofa in no time. These are a few of the services we provide on the very day of booking:

Our Amazing Cleaning Services

We bring various services that will fit your needs and deliver fresh and cured upholstery. Here are some of the services our professionals use for sofa cleaning:

  • Sofa Steam Cleaning
  • You can hire our professional team at an affordable price that offers steam cleaning services for your sofa. Our sofa steam cleaners will ensure your furnishing is free of any loose dust, old stains, bacteria and more. 
  • Sofa Stain Removal
  • Removing stains can be a pain in the neck. Therefore, you give your mind a rest and hand over this job to us. Our services will remove the oldest stain caused by spilling drinks and food. 
  • Sofa Dry Cleaning
  • We also provide dry cleaning services for sofa cleaning Newstead. Your upholstery will be in safe hands as we ensure it is deep-cleaned. From vacuuming to shampooing and drying, our professionals will deliver it within a single call. 
  • Sofa Odour & Mould Removal
  • If you have not paid attention, your upholstery may have started to grow moulds and smell bad. Unpleasant smells can make guests uncomfortable, while moulds can cause health problems. Therefore, our treatment process will help you with sofa mould removal and odour removal
  • Sofa Shampooing
  • There is no best way to clean your sofa other than shampooing. Hence, our professional team will use appropriate upholstery cleaning solutions and equipment to remove stains, dirt, pet hair, grime, mould and more. 
  • Sofa Scotchgard Protection
  • If you seek remedies to protect your sofa from stains and spills, you have come to the right place. Our team offers Scotchgard upholstery protection to prevent red wine, coffee, etc. spills from staining.
  • Sofa Pet Odour Removal 
  • As much as we like pets, they leave an unpleasant smell when they sit on your sofa. Therefore, you can contact our professionals, who will clean your furnishing with pet-friendly products and remove any smells and stains associated with pets. 
  • Lounge Cleaning Service
  • Instead of trying upholstery cleaning at home, you can give us a call to clean your lounge. You do not have to worry about the dust and soil stuck in the corners of your lounge. Our lounge cleaning professionals will deliver a presentable, fresh, and hygienic lounge. 
  • Fabric & Leather Couch Cleaning
  • Our dedicated team has expertise in fabric sofa cleaning and leather sofa cleaning. Our cleaning professionals will find your sofa with the best suitable treatment. By using leather sofa cleaner, our professionals will ensure your leather sofa is neat and shiny.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Service
  • We understand that every sofa has its purpose and need. Therefore, our sofa cleaning Newstead experts also provide a solution for your microfibre sofa. Our professionals will check the labels and inspect the sofa before finding the best cleaning treatment and implementing it.
  • Office Chair Cleaning
  • Office chairs can also accumulate dust, stains, moulds, odours, etc. But getting rid of these alone can consume your time and may even damage the upholstery. Therefore, our upholstery cleaning company also provides services to clean your office chairs. 

    Upholstery Types Our Professionals Can Clean

    Your spaces have their own decorative needs, and you may use various sofa fabrics to cater to your interior needs. Therefore, our professionals are trained to clean all kinds of sofa fabrics, including:

    • Cotton
    • Polyester 
    • Leather
    • Wool
    • Nylon
    • Microfiber 
    • Rayon 
    • Suede

    Upholstery Cleaning Process Our Professionals Follow

    For cleaning your upholstery, our professionals will follow the process:

    • First, our team will check your sofa for damages, stains, and fabric. This will help them figure out the best treatment for your upholstery.
    • After inspection, the professionals will follow up with the concerned treatment and try to remove dirt, stains, odour, moulds, etc.
    • Next, our professionals will treat your sofa with Scotchgard to protect it from future spills, dust, etc. These services are available as an option.
    • Your upholstery will be fresh, clean, and presentable with one last inspection.

    Upholstery Cleaning Services In Newstead And Nearby Areas

    Are you looking for services for upholstery cleaning in Newstead or nearby areas? We have you covered. Our professionals will be available to you to clean your sofa, couch, lounge, and office chairs. We ensure your upholstery is clean and free from dust, germs, bacteria, etc.

    Why Should You Hire Our Sofa Cleaning Professional Team?

    Among various options, it is quite challenging to find a reliable cleaning company for your upholstery. But, your search will end here as we offer the best upholstery and sofa cleaning services in Newstead. Here are a few reasons why we are the best when sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Newstead:

    • Expert professional team with correct certification and license
    • Transparent services with affordable price
    • 24×7 customer support
    • Eco-friendly and chemical-free products
    • Emergency booking availability
    • Reliable upholstery cleaning services
    • Easy booking process


    Do you offer upholstery protection services?

    Yes, we provide upholstery fabric protection treatments to prevent future stains.

    Can you clean leather sofas?

    Yes, we offer specialized cleaning for leather sofas to maintain their lustre and quality.

    How long does the sofa cleaning process take?

    The duration depends on the size and condition of the sofa but typically ranges from 1-2 hours.

    Location: Newstead, QLD 4006, Australia