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How To Clean The Couch With Vinegar?

Due to regular usage, your sofa can be the epitome of odours and dirt. Cleaning and washing the materials could be a hectic job. You can spend a large amount of money on washing your fabric or cleaning it professionally but when you have the best DIYs available why rely on others?  Let’s find out some suitable solutions with the available house materials on How to clean the couch with vinegar?

If we talk about the best couch cleaning agent found in our homes, you should look for vinegar. You can search on any websites or read any books, for the best cleaning and washing materials, vinegar is always at the top. There’s nothing it can’t clean, from windows to walls it can make an outstanding effect, that can be hassle-free as well as friendly on your pocket. Hence the following article will let you know each detail about How to clean the couch with vinegar?

How To Clean The Couch With Vinegar

So that you no longer face any difficulty while applying it.

Vinegar- Creates Miracles In Your Upholstery Materials

As we have all read in chemistry acid reacts well with organic matter and helps in breaking and dissolving it. hence, vinegar is considered acidic that is very effective against water stains, scum, grease, and many more.

Now, the demand for vinegar is soo high just because it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Along with these, it says a “NO” to various bacteria, as well as it is pocket friendly and easily available in the market.

let’s focus on the types of vinegar, that are suitable for cleaning

Now if we look at the availability of its types, there are numerous, like apple cider, rice wine, balsamic, and many more. But these can be inappropriate for cleaning. The following preparation can be the best for cleaning, let’s see:

  • A bottle of refined white vinegar: you have a prepare a solution, with a proper balance of acetic acid and water. Take that in an appropriate amount of 5-10% the former and 90-95% the latter one easily available in the market.
  • Best cleaning vinegar: another suitable solution could be 20-80% of acetic acid and water, which is available in any store. These can be the best for any type of cleanings in your house. Now if any question arises on How to clean the couch with vinegar? Do rely on this solution.

Let’s See Where You Should Not Use Vinegar

Vinegar is an awesome cleaning agent, but there are also certain areas that you should avoid. Let’s see those specific areas where vinegar can do worse than good like,

  • Any of the stone tiles
  • Floorings only the hardwood ones.
  • Any destroyed grouts
  • And of the organic carpets or rugs
  • Specific types of upholstery or incomplete leathers.

Cleaning your couch with only vinegar follows certain steps let’s see those steps to know more about How to clean the couch with vinegar?

First – Preparation Of Material

  • Take a spray bottle, and fill it with half of warm water, as water is best to break and dissolve the dirt and odour, making it swept away from your couch. You can also use an alternative to this, like club soda, that can fix it but added to this, it can cause a lot of bubbles due to its extra carbonation.
  • After that, take about 120ml of white vinegar and put it into that spray bottle. Do use a funnel so that it may not become a waste.

Thereafter, take a half tablespoon or 7,5ml of liquid soap for the best result, into the spray bottle. It helps remove grime and grease and can be the best cleaning material. Rub it gently so that it does not produce a lot of bubbles. Now if you do not want the fragrances do use the natural liquid soap. It is a dual effect, cleans your couch as well as does not keep its smell. After completing this solution you will not have any questions about How to clean the couch with vinegar?

Second- Ways Of Cleaning Couch

1. Put your sleepover on a side

Many of your couches have sleepovers, now before cleaning your couch, you should remove it, by simply unzipping it. you can easily clean it separately afterwards. As of now, your main focus is cleaning the couch. Now what happens if you do not know whether your couch has a sleepover or not

  • Find the zipper at the bottom seams of the cushions, there is a high chance that it hides there.
  • As the slipover can be washed separately, on warm water in the washing machine so you need not worry about that.
  • After washing the sleepover, you can wait till it dries there after you can again use it.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner for the dirt and crumbs

Now cleaning your sofa or couch regularly can be a bit difficult, but not vacuuming it regularly is possible. This practice will help you to remove any crumbs, dirt, and dust from your fabric. And you will be no more worried about your couch and will not have any doubt about How to clean the couch with vinegar?

2. Use any towel to dab out the wet strains

Removing the wet stain will automatically help to settle the vinegar solution easily on your couch and the cleaning process will be easier and more helpful.

3. Now apply the solution on your couch

If you have targeted any of the particular spots on the sofa then focus on that. But if you want to clean the sofa as a whole, then apply the vinegar with the help of a spray bottle on the sofa, with light mists. Allow the solution to rest on your fabrics for a few minutes before sponging it.

4. Be careful

The couch must not soak the water as the aim is to dampen it not to make it wet. As vinegar is best for neutralizing odour be careful about that.

5. Now with a cloth press the vinegar solution

Now as the solution is drying do not forget to pat it with a cloth so that the stains, dirt, and odour get removed. Pay more attention to the stains, and be careful with scrubbing if needed take a help of a toothbrush for the best cleanings.

6. Now wait for your couch to air dry

Once it is dried, your couch will look like a new one.


Cleaning a couch may seem to be a difficult yet expensive job. With the DIYs given above, you now have an idea of How to clean the couch with vinegar? The above methods are both pocket-friendly and hassle-free. Still, if you don’t like to take risk of cleaning on your own, seek a professional couch cleaning service.